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What is it?  Accelerated Reader is a program which Krotz Springs Elementary uses to enrich our reading program. To motivate our students to read, they are rewarded for reading books and then taking a computerized test on what they have read.  Each book test passed is worth a certain number of points, based on length and reading level. 

Who is it for?   Accelerated Reader is designed for use by all students, regardless of reading ability.  There are thousands of AR tests available, at all levels.

Why should my child participate?  Your child will benefit from Accelerated Reader in many ways.  First and foremost,  reading comprehension scores have been proven to improve with AR. Secondly, it has also been shown that the more a child reads, the more his/her reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills improve.  Last, but not least, students are rewarded with incentives for certain numbers of points and are treated to a very special program at the end of the year.  To participate students must earn points in excess of the regular class expectations each six weeks.

1.    AR will count for 1 reading grade per nine-weeks. This grade will be based on the points students earn in that one nine-week period, for the 1st through 4th grading period. 

2. Students' AR test scores must be witnessed by a teacher or the library aide before clearing the screen or the test will be invalid. The adult may need to sign the student log sheet.

3. Students must obtain the number of points listed below for each nine-weeks to score a grade 100/A.  Other grades are prorated according to the number of points actually earned.

Grade Level Point Earning Expectations: (1st - 3rd Grading Periods)

 1st Grade - 1.5 points
2nd Grade - 3 points
3rd Grade - 4.5 points
4th Grade - 6 points

                   **This points must be earned each nine weeks.

4. Students may earn 2 possible grades in AR. One for points earned and one for comprehension.

5. During the 4th 9 week period, students must earn points, equivalent to their grade level. 1st grade - 1 pt, 2nd grade - 2 pts, 3rd grade - 3 pts, 4th grade - 4 pts

6. The top 3 readers in each class will receive a medal at the end of the year Awards Ceremony.

7. Participation in AR is mandatory. Books from home can be used for testing. Only one book at a time may be checked out from the library.

8. Any student or students caught cheating on AR tests will receive a grade of 0 on the AR test.

9. The student must have the book currently checked out and in their possession to take the test.  Students must get prior approval from the teacher to test on a book they bring in from another source.

10.  Accelerated Reader Testing Schedule 2017-18
                          Period 1      8/16/17 - 10/6/17
                          Period 2     10/9/17 - 12/18/17
                          Period 3     12/19/17 - 3/7/18
                          Period 4      3/8/18 - 5/4/18

*4th-8th grade students will be encouraged to participate in independent literary activities each 9-week period.

How do we find out what books have AR tests and what points they are worth?  Click on the link below to find the AR books we have in our school library. You may find some of these books in your own collection or at another library. Your child may read these at home and bring them to school to take a test. *Please click the link below to view the AR list of books and quizzes that are available 

Ar Book Finder Icon

How do we check our child's AR points for each nine weeks?  Click on the icon below to track your child's progress at Renaissance Home Connect. You will need both your User Name and Password from your Renaissance Home Connect access letter you received for your child. If you are unable to locate it please contact        
Mrs. Deanna Disotell.

Accerlerated Reader Home Connect
*Home Connect makes it easy for you to track your child(s) AR points. You will be given a username and password where you can have access to their AR scores. Just click on the Home Connect link shown above.