Instructional Computer Lab

Welcome to KSE's Instructional Lab

The Instructional Computer Lab is an extension of the classroom.  Students practice the Common Core State Standards and Louisiana Grade Level Expectations and weekly skills that they are learning in the classroom. Students attend lab twice a week where they receive extra practice in both Math and Reading through educational websites and school programs like the following:
School Funded Programs
  (1st - 8th Grade)
MobyMax is a complete, online K-8 curriculum system for math and ELA built up around and aligned with Common Core State Standards. It uses adaptive placement testing, direct instruction, continuous progress monitoring, and a suite of motivational tools to find and fix student skill gaps. Students may log in both at home and school using their AR username/password. 
Eagle (3rd - 8th Grade)
EAGLE 2.0, a free online assessment tool for Louisiana educators. This system is designed to support educators in building classroom assessments that assist in monitoring student progress throughout the school year. *Home access is not available.     
ThinkCentral (KD - 5th Grade)
Think Central is an online resource that supplements and supports our math curriculum. This resource give both students and parents access to an online edition of the Math Expressions Student Activity Book. It includes workbook practice and a math glossary. You can also use Think Central to open "Mega Math" or "iTools". Mega Math includes fun, engaging math activities for students to improve and practice their math skills. iTools provides virtual manipulatives and modeling activities. Using online supplemental resources is an excellent way to reinforce learning from school and provide students with extra practice. Students should have received a "Welcome to ThinkCentral" letter containing their username/password information. Click on the "ThinkCentral" icon below to view an instructional tutorial video that teaches users how to login and view all available resources. ThinkCentral icon
Destination Learning (KD - 3rd Grade)
Destination Learning is a fun animated online math resource program that provides students with an opportunity to practice skills aligned to their math curriculum. *Home access not available.
Big Math Ideas (6th - 8th Grade)
Go Math offers an engaging and interactive approach to covering new state standards. Its seamless digital path and Write-in Student Edition ensure that students can access content at appropriate levels of depth and rigor. *Students should have received a parent letter containing their login username/password information. 
IXL (4th - 8th Grade)
IXL is a web-based program that targets MATH for all grades K-12 with problems based on the common core standards. The math problems have a wide variety of question types, from word problems to interactive graphing. A great feature IXL provides is if a child gets the wrong answer, IXL explains why. *An extra $4.00 fee was included in the registration fee for 4th - 8th grade students to pay for their 2015-16 membership. Students IXL login username/password is the same as their AR login information. *IXL may be purchased at home for students in grades KD - 3rd by creating a personal account for your child. This would allow you to utilize IXL with your child at home.
Educational Websites 
Click the "Educational Websites" link on the right for a full list of websites our students use in the lab to help expand their knowledge of skills.