Accountability/Performance Reports

Accountability/Performance Reports

Released scores from 2017– 2018 reveal a growth increase of .2 points from last year in overall SPS score and a .9 point decrease in Assessment only . As a result, KSE has been deemed a “B” (81.8) school. Keep in mind that the rubric used in determining this score changes yearly, so we have to work doubly hard to keep up with the moving target.

Determining factors in KSE SPS score -

A. English   B. Math   C. Science

B. Drop out/Credit Accumulation Index (DCAI) - based on 9th graders and the credits they earn in high school

C. Progress points - points earned by moving students from a below Basic score to an above Basic score

*A few components of our 2nd semester academic action plan —

- Students will be working on released sample items in each CORE area .

- Writing assignments and tasks will reflect the use of various graphic organizers

- Teacher made Math assessments will include Type 1, 2, and 3 problems ( levels of complexity)

- Performance Tasks in the area of Science will be utilized

- New age testing is about perseverance (lengthy passage/ short amount of time) perfection ( multi– select items—no partial credit), properly responding to a text using specific evident ( RACE/RACEE/ cite based evidence )


Please take a moment to view the St. Landry Parish School System Spring 2017 Action Plan for Improvement Elementary/Middle School below.